Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Council approves Rules Committee report

The Concord City Council Monday night approved the Rules Committee report unanimously despite efforts by Rick Watrous to stop the action.
Rogers, before the meeting, issued a counter memo of her own, an attempt to deflect many of the provable allegations Watrous forwarded to the council.
Her counter memo was shockingly laced with double-speak and unpublishable personal attacks against Watrous - the modus operandi of this crowd - instead of openly and honestly countering the points with facts.
And, interestingly enough, Rogers admits in the memo that she had weekend use of the CCTV studios, a key point to one of Watrous' counts, a count rejected by the committee after a subcommittee reviewed records at CCTV.
Rogers wrote:
"I have taped shows on Saturdays since the inception of my show 'Vito's Pet Family'. The show is taped on Saturdays due to the nature of the show with numerous animal 'guests' that respond better to having less human stimuli than exist during weekday hours ..."
Again, this comes back to Watrous' point: Weekend use of the studios has never been available to ordinary people during this time period - only board members and Rogers. This use was later acknowledged and corrected by CCTV [of course, only after Watrous complained]. All fact, all provable, and now, Rogers, in her own counter memo, states it herself.
Not only that, it also leads back to his response to the Rules Committee report last week that either, 1) records presented by former at-large City Councilor and CCTV employee Doris Ballard to the subcommittee were incomplete, since they allegedly showed no use of the studios on weekends by Rogers or anyone else, or 2) the subcommittee was deliberately misled by Ballard.
Rogers admits to weekend use; CCTV records show no such use, allegedly, since they won't release the documents to the public or press. Does anyone NOT see the problem here? Come on!
The Rules Committee - or some committee - needs to look at all this. Either CCTV doesn't have its records straight or its employees are hiding records from investigative committees which supposedly never meet to look at records it is investigating [Yeah, and that one came from a Superior Court judge no less, hilarious].
This admission by Rogers alone, puts the entire Rules Committee report, just approved by the council at Rogers' urging, in complete conflict with truth and fact.
Amazing, isn't it? What a friggin' mess.
There's more, but I want to let this sit for a bit. I have offered Rick space on this site to submit something if he likes. I would offer the space to Rogers - but I fear she will just continue to use personal attacks against people instead of actually addressing the issues. She can always email something if she likes.
As I have said before, we are not going to allow derogatory comments to be issued on this site. is about news, information, and opinion. We are about exposing problems and solving them.

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