Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rundlett parents get letter about school bomb threats

Letters went home with Rundlett Junior High School students today informing parents of a number of threats in bathrooms at the school.
According to the letter, written by George Rogers, the principal of the school, there were three separate graffiti incidents in bathrooms during the last few school days. Someone wrote "everyone is going to die and I mean it," "I am going to kill everyone," and "I am coming on Friday 2/8" with a picture of a cartoon like bomb. The graffiti was found in the girl's bathrooms in the 300 and 400 winds of Rundlett, according to Rogers.
Currently, school officials are looking at writing samples to check for similarities between the graffiti and student work. The Concord Police Department is also eyeing the writing.
According to Rogers, guidance counselors are involved in the process of helping students deal with the issue. He has also reportedly spoke to children during their lunch periods today.
In the letter, Rogers also informed parents that Rundlett now has a part-time school resource officer between 10:30 a.m. and early afternoon, in order to "establish relationships with the student body and, when necessary, to assist in matters that might require us to have police involvement." The officer started on Monday, he wrote.
"We are concerned about these and, while we believe there is no danger," he wrote, "we take this very seriously."
Rogers asked parents to talk to their kids to see if they had any information or knowledge that could help school officials determine who is responsible for the graffiti.

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