Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A few quick takes ...

First, the Concord Monitor has a pretty neat Graduation section on its Web site including video and links to stories about graduations in the newspaper's reading area. It's nice to see them taking advantage of the "new medium" opportunities to help tell the stories differently.
The paper did, however, get slammed today by the father of the Concord High School valedictorian in a letter today [It isn't online yet or I would have linked it].
I can just imagine how tough it is being the father of someone who accomplishes a lot and then doesn't get recognized like other graduates of the past. At the same time, readers of newspapers [and viewers of TV and listeners of radio] have to understand that just because something was done one year, doesn't mean it will be done the next. Media employees don't just phone it in [Well, alright, most don't phone it in]. We're creative types. We like to change and experiment and challenge ourselves even if you, the reader, don't care for those changes.
Next, regular readers of the Monitor probably didn't miss another story about problems with the tannery site in Penacook: ["Grocery plans at tannery set aside"].
So, once again, big Concord plans are slowly slipping away like sediment into a runoff ditch. The whole point of this project was to have an anchor tenant - like a grocery store - for Penacook. After all the money that has been spent on this thing, including millions in federal grants, something better come of it all. Maybe the city should try to look beyond the huge grocery chains and talk to someone like the owners of Colonial Market in Hopkinton. Let's hope the city can get it together and find a tenant for the site. And in the future, let's try and scale down some of these projects into intimate, attainable ideas that fit in with the Concord that we all know and love and not Manchester or Boston.
Lastly, I was one of many who noticed that the 99 Restaurant at the Steeplegate Mall complex was closed over the weekend due to an electrical problem. I didn't know it was due to alleged drunk driver who smashed into the restaurant!: ["Concord '99' Misses Out On 'Bike Week' Due To Alleged Drunk Driver"].
As my son and I pulled up to the restaurant to grab a Father's Day lunch, we were met with a waitress and coupons. I had to explain to my son multiple times that they didn't have electricity and we couldn't eat there. He was very upset and kept asking why he couldn't eat nuggets and fries at his favorite restaurant. Finally, by the seventh time explaining it, he started to repeat to me what I was telling him, in his all-knowing and adorable way. Phew. Then we went to Wendy's.

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