Friday, October 10, 2008

Who is Dr. Kevin Fleming?

A few weeks ago, I published a couple of posts about potential candidates running for Concord School Board. I mainly concentrated on doing some random Google searches to find out about folks since I really don't have the time to do a ton of extensive reporting on the site. I couldn't find out much information about one of the candidates, Dr. Kevin Fleming, but noted he worked at Concord Hospital.
Well, earlier this week, his wife sent a quick note telling me who her husband is:
Hi my name is Laurie Fleming, I am married to Dr. Kevin Fleming, who is running for school board. I know that you were looking for information on him, but you could only find that he was an internist at Concord Hospital.

Kevin is 37 years old, and is a doctor at Concord Hospital. We moved here 3 years ago, after Kevin finished his residency at Dartmouth. We have two boys, Ethan (5) and Jason (3), both of them are at the Eastman School, kindergarten and preschool.

One of the greatest assets that Kevin can bring to the school board is his great analyzing skills, which he uses every day as part of being a doctor.

The most interesting question that is asked by Kevin, is where do you stand on the consolidation. The answer is not a "smart answer," but he says he isn't against, but he is not for it. He would like to see the studies done, determine how this would effect the students, look at population trends, and look at is this a good investment for the city of Concord and his taxpayers.

There are also several other issues that he would like to address.

Just thought I would let you know, about Kevin,

If any other wives, children, or friends of the other candidates want to chime in about their candidate, please feel free: Otherwise, we'll have to wait for the big School Board forum later this month to find out about the candidates.

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