Friday, June 5, 2009

HB 319 amended by state Senate

As many of us suspected, HB 319, the bill that was supposed to allow Concord residents the right to change their own school charter, was unfortunately amended in the state Senate Wednesday. The new bill forms a lame, unneeded study commission.
The bill, as noted by some of my sources, is completed changed from the original bill which passed in the House Municipal Committee and by the entire House.
The bill will be sent to a conference committee in the coming weeks. Word of the House is that members will at least try change the report date of the commission to November 2009 instead of 2010. If there is no agreement in conference, the bill dies.
As I stated earlier, both here and in the Concord Monitor, this is infuriating and intolerable. This is all about arrogance of power and nothing else. It is what happens when school board members, the school administration, and even our state Sen. Sylvia Larsen, get too much power and think they are above the will of the people.

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