Thursday, December 3, 2009

School project clarifications

I have received a whole slew of documentation from the school district about its elementary school consolidation project. There are some surprising and shocking things in all of the figures, which have gone from $57 million to $67 millions in just a few weeks. With interest, the project will come in at between $100 million to $124 million, according to figures and press reports.
I will have more data posted online soon, after I get a chance to check out the figures a bit more thoroughly.


Anonymous said...

Concord can't commit to this enormous expensive project in these sour dollar times. How can we stop this!?

Anonymous said...

Please post this information for others to review. Please contact me with questions or comments and I will answer or get answers to your questions. You can then post the responses we provide and begin a discussion on them.

Matt Cashman