Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Concord at the crossroads

Around Town with Dick Patten
It seems Concord is at crossroads and everyone is wondering where do we go. Recently on my television show, Around Town, I featured two guests from the Department of Transportation. We talked about the future of trains coming back to Concord and beyond. It was very interesting thinking about the endless possibilities when the trains come back to this area. I hope to have these interesting guests again on the show in the near future. We will speaking about the future of I-93 in the Concord area going from 2 to 4 lanes. Keep tuned!

Losing a parking space provided a lot of comments at the recent city council meeting. The area of Pleasant Street at South Main Street intersection was the area in question. A lot of discussion centered around a dumpster that had been in place on Pleasant Street and two parking spots. It was voted to remove one spot and the dumpster has been removed. Finding a place to park is difficult at times unless you use the new parking garage.

Work is progressing on the new restaurant, located in the Capital Commons. The new restaurant is called O's and will featured upscale dining.
And then you add the return of The Cat n Fiddle Restaurant, with its famous salad bar will please many people who were sad to see it leave.

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