Saturday, March 6, 2010

Condolences to the Greer, Mitchell families

Around Town with Dick Patten
Deepest condolences are extended to the family of the late former city councilor George Geers who passed away recently. I would also like to extend deepest sympathies to the family of the late Vern Mitchell who passed away. Vern represented Ward 8 in the State Legislature several years ago.

Although it may be late to some, I have submitted a resolution to the City Council to be referred to Facilities Naming Committee to have a portion of Regional Drive named in memory of Manchester Police Officer Michael Briggs who passed away. Michael's family including his widow and children are still residents of Ward 8 and the children still attend Concord schools. I felt that we should honor his memory with a memorial. The proposed sign would state The Michael Briggs Memorial Drive or Parkway (this to be determined by the committee).

How do you feel about the increased parking fees in downtown Concord possibly going to $1? You should come to city council and voice your thoughts or contact your city councilor.

Sunshine wishes to Laura Harwood who was involved in a serious automobile accident in Northwood recently. She was taken to Concord Hospital but was not seriously injured. Laura's son, Joshua, is my best friend and co-director for the television shows Around Town and Around Town-the Capitol Beat. He will be coming on Around Town soon to speak about Passover.

Congratulations to Rebecca Noe for being awarded the 2009 Spirit of Scouting Award by District Commissioner Scott Langille. Rebecca is representing Troop 90 from the Concord Heights and East Concord.

The annual Pinewood Derby is being held Saturday, March 27 from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon. at the East Concord Community Center. Cub Scout Pack 90 will have members participating in this event.

Happy Birthday greetings are extended to Clinton Patten, who is celebrating his 79th birthday next Tuesday. Clinton known to his friends as "Pat" is a school bus monitor for the Concord School District.

Do you know of someone living in a retirement facility or nursing home?
Recently I spoke with Thomas Molway,Resident Council President for the residents at Harris Hill Nursing Home, at 2 Maitland St. He and his wife (she passed away recently) moved to Harris Hill several years ago and loves his home tremendously. They had resided in three others and were unhappy because when they moved in they were moved to separate rooms at the facility and not near each other. How sad! Tom asked to come on the show because Harris Hill was recognized nationally for being one of several best nursing homes in the country. Tom was a delightful guest. he stated that if you know of someone residing in a nursing home, please take a few minutes to go and visit a friend, neighbor, or relative. He said, "At Christmas, there was a female patient who sat on the porch all day waiting for someone to come and visit her. They never came."
Holidays are the worst time when no one seems to come and visit people.

Pineconia Grange # 322 hosted Merrimack County Pomona Grange for their quarterly meeting. State Deputy Arthur Merrill made his Spring Instruction visit. He spoke of several Grange events coming up as well Degree Days in which candidates are needed.

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