Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well, well, well, Concord has a budget surplus

The Concord Monitor is reporting this morning that city government will have a $1.4 million budget surplus at the end of the year: ["Concord ends fiscal year with $1.4 million"].
Don't miss the big point here: If the auditing is correct on this, city officials never needed the 3 percent increase they placed on taxpayers earlier this year. In fact, if you look at the math [1 percent tax increase is equal to $290,000], property taxes in Concord should have been decreased this year by about 2 percent.
Yes, folks, you should have received a tax cut, not an increase, not unlike Manchester and other places are getting this year. Throw in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings I and others found earlier this year ["Monitor endorses 3 percent or higher tax increase ... "] and it would have been even higher than 2 percent. We're in the middle of the greatest economic crisis of our lifetimes. It's time for municipal government to be right-sized to reflect that crisis.


Jeremy said...

Where's the refund check? I handed nearly 5,000$ over to the city of concord under the threat of the sheriffs department coming with guns to evict me from MY property.

Tony said...

Oh no, really? :-)