Sunday, December 5, 2010

Writer warns, don't go to PC Wizard

Guest perspective by Andy Sylvia

I don’t have a huge selection of Xbox games, but the one or two games I played most of the time worked fine until about a month or two ago. I was getting messages that my discs were unreadable at random times. I went down to a local GameStop and found out the problem was my Xbox, as they also got the same message with one of their new games.

So, after unsuccessfully trying to fix the problem with a disc cleaner that Best Buy suggested, I looked all around New England for someplace that could fix my Xbox. I figured Microsoft wouldn’t help since this was a replacement for an Xbox that had the red rings of death last year, and even if they did, I’ve heard horror stories about them.

A friend suggested I check out PC Wizard in on Loudon Road in Concord, so I gave it to them.

They charged $29.99 for the repairs, saying it was an optical lens problem and they could clean it. It would be done in about three days, and I said I would be back in town in four days, so that was fine.

I picked up the Xbox, brought it home later that night, and it was worse off than when I brought it in; before the game at least worked some of the time, now they didn’t work at all on the system.

I came back in asking for a refund, the man there, some guy with a beard, was extremely rude and refused the refund and I said I would spread the word about this experience, which he welcomed. That’s why I’m here today.

I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau, but this whole ordeal has just proven too tiresome, and I didn’t expect to ever get justice from this guy, so I just sold the Xbox to that GameStop at a reduced price (the optical lens ruined the system overall, but the other parts worked apparently, I was able to get to the dashboard at least even after this guy ruined my system) and bought a used one to replace it.

Still, I hope my experience can help other consumers in the Concord area to stay away from being ripped off by this guy.

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