Saturday, January 22, 2011

So what's this new "television network in Concord" all about?

Earlier this month, someone posted two jobs openings on the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters jobs board for a president/CEO and a sales manager for "a new television network in Concord, NH ..."
Here are the posts:
I keep a pretty close eye on media stuff going on around the state especially in Concord, although I'm not up on things as much as I used to. But I haven't heard word one about a new television network in Concord. No one else has either. There's nothing on the message boards. There are no new television licenses available, that I know of. This makes me wonder a bit.
Anyone know anything about this?

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Anonymous said...

It appears to be the work of businessman and former candidate Bill Binnie. Check out:


Very interesting development if this flies.