Saturday, February 19, 2011

More information on School Board election proposal

On Thursday I wrote about a new proposal by former Concord Mayor Mike Donovan on how to improve the electoral process for Concord School Board members: [Charter Commission to consider changing the way school board members are elected"].
I only had a bit of background but he forwarded the complete proposal to me earlier today.
Donovan proposes keeping a nine-member school board but changing the way the board members are elected from at-large seats to a mix of at-large and ward seats.
The proposal would establish three at-large positions and six ward positions, two each from districts identical to the voting districts used to elect Charter Commission members.
Donovan also proposes electing board members in odd municipal election years and not every year. In his proposal, he wrote that this would eliminate the influence of much larger voter turnouts during state and national elections, where some board members are elected by 3,500 voters and others by 10,000 or more.
Donovan suggests create four-year terms for the board; five elected in one election and four in another.
"Having 4 year terms elected on two year cycles promotes stability," he wrote in the proposal.
A transitional provision would be implemented to allow the changes to be implemented over a number of years.
As I said in the previous post, this is a much better proposal than moving to all ward representation or leaving it the way it is for a number of reasons.
I urge everyone to contact the Charter Commission members and let them know what you think. Send an email to

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