Wednesday, October 31, 2007

School Board endorsements

The Concord Monitor continues to confound with their 2007 endorsements.
This morning, the paper issued its School Board endorsements. They went with the incumbent, a stay-at-home mom who used to work as an attorney in the AG's office, and an Allenstown Democratic activist who just moved to Concord. All of the candidates endorsed were women.
Compare that to last year's endorsements, when the Monitor picked incumbent Betty Hoadley, a shoo-in to win, John Callewaert, an educator, and Kass Ardinger, a long-time resident and community servant. Hoadley and Ardinger easily won; Callewaert lost to Christopher Casko, who ran in 2005.
But in 2006, all three of the non-endorsed candidates at least had a bone thrown at them, signifying that the editorial board heard them out even if they weren't endorsing them. This time, no bones were thrown at the four men left out in the cold. This, despite the fact that two of these men, Rick Watrous and Eric Williams, received the teachers' union endorsement. This, despite the fact that all of the challengers have stated similar positions on the issues.
How one could separate them is a bit puzzling. How they could endorse someone who just moved here over long-time residents with kids in the public schools is even more puzzling.

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