Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Taking 'community' out of Concord Community TV

Concord Community Television [CCTV], the nonprofit corporation which currently runs Concord's community cable media access stations, is reportedly changing its name ... to Concord TV, according to a mailer sent out to some people, a copy of which was passed on to me. They had a big open house tonight which I could not attend because I was working.
But the proposal to change the name is a shocking one. The nonprofit doesn't need a name change. The stations don't need a name change. They need better oversight and accountability to franchise fee payers, taxpayers, and viewers. And that they would propose renaming the nonprofit and taking "community" out of name, is even more offensive.
Since so few people in the community use or even view the stations, one could guess that it wouldn't be such a big deal to take "community" out of the name of the stations. Since the nonprofit has historically been run like a private country club, it really isn't community either. In many ways, the community has pretty much abandoned the stations - or been driven away by arrogance and corruption. But, it just doesn't look good.

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