Friday, August 15, 2008

18th Annual "Pitch In"


Starts Monday, August 18, 2008

and Tuesday-Wednesday, August 19-20

9am to noon and 6 to 9pm daily

A Barn-Raising, Community-Building Way

To Get Our Audi Shining for Its 104th Season!!!

Every year since 1991, The Friends of The Audi – the groups and folks who use it – gather in August to put a new shine on the house. In 2007, 118 volunteers worked over 1,000 hours, providing $17,100. worth of labor to the city-owned building. This helped hold down the city’s operating costs (and our taxes) and our rentals.

The first PITCH IN made the Audi “Bright and Beautiful”. Now, 18 years and over a million audience members later, we are still honoring our mission: to preserve and maintain our community stage and foster its affordable and accessible use by everyone in our community. Our special project this year is refurbishing the backstage dressing rooms, especially the four on the second floor. We’re counting on 4 teams of 2-3-4 people to “adopt” a room…the sinks are out, new mirrors are in!

Every session starts with a congenial breakfast or supper. Then crews form and projects begin, with a job available to suit every skill and interest. There are also “fabulous” chances to fix and polish the brass, wood, and curtains, and to help send thousands of event calendars, freshen holiday decorations, hand-color posters, greet newcomers, serve cool drinks, etc. etc. YOU CAN DO IT? YOU CAN HELP!


Dramatic Working Conditions ~ Talented Cast ~ No Heavy Lifting ~ Roles for Stars and Chorus ~ Absolutely No Pay ~ Good Eats…And a Chance to meet new people, learn new skills, “give back”…. and earn your “Sweat Equity” card!

Please – plan to come down and Pitch In! Any questions? Please contact the Crew Superchiefs Ken and Joye Olson at 753-4765 or email or David Murdo, 225-7474, email

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