Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Allan Herschlag nails a triple!

Allan Herschlag's letter in the Concord Monitor says it all:

When we go to the polls, we expect the person we vote for will represent us and not take advantage of their position as an elected official for personal benefit.

After being elected as a city councilor, Doris Ballard was hired by Concord Community Television. CCTV receives funding through a vote of the city council and uses funds acquired from subscribers of Comcast to pay for its operation. In addition to the council funding CCTV, two city councilors sit on the board of CCTV, overseeing the organization's operations and Doris's performance as an employee.

We should demand that our elected officials follow established ethical principles and avoid even appearances of conflicts of interest that place their interests ahead of the citizens of Concord and Merrimack County.

Doris's unwillingness to avoid a conflict of interest while serving as a city councilor puts in question her willingness to place your interests above her own.

Doris Ballard does not deserve your vote for county commissioner.



Frankly, I'm shocked the newspaper printed this letter! Wow. Maybe they are finally coming around ... at least on the editorial page. And that's a good sign.


Ben Venator said...

Yes, but then they also printed an effusive letter from Bob William, without of course identifying Bob as an elected democrat. Not as bad as when the Monitor prints endorsement letters from an candidate's fiscal agent without referencing that relationship.

Tony said...

Hey Ben: Do tell! Who is the fiscal agent who wrote a letter in support of their candidate?

Ben Venator said...

Andrea Goldberg in a November 01, 2006 letter to the editor.

Ben Venator said...

I should also note that my wife, who was my fiscal agent, wrote letters on my behalf that the Monitor published. The difference being that our relationship was obvious / explicit.

Tony said...

Thanks Ben. If it is the same Andrea Goldberg I know, the one from the South End, I can say that I know her quite well and she is good people. That said, your point that a disclaimer should have been posted under her letter is relevant. I doubt this was not done to pull the wool over anyone's eyes.

In closing, I would suggest that you go to the Monitor's Web site and note that Williams' letter should have had a disclaimer ... the Monitor now allows folks to comment on stories online.

Tony said...


A quick correction to my previously posted comments. I don't know Andrea Goldberg. I was thinking of someone else.