Friday, November 7, 2008

Liz Hager write-in totals not quite, well, right

Liz Hager write-in totals seem to be all over the map at this point.
According to the Secretary of State's office and the Concord Monitor, Hager received 409 write-in votes. However, the SOS's office reports no write-in votes in Ward 7, something that is very suspicious.
According to my sources who were at the Ward 7 poll when the vote totals were printed out, there were 188 total write-ins for the District 12 race. Most people at the polling place assumed they were for Hager. There might be a few loose ones for Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. But it is safe to assume that the bulk of the votes went to Hager. And yet, there are no votes in the Ward for her. Very weird.


Anonymous said...

According to the Sec. of State website, there were also 46 votes cast for Hager in District 11--a district that Hager does not live in and could not legally represent. This, and the Ward 7 noncount, show that both voters and the voting system were somewhat confused by the write-in campaign.

Tony said...

Nice land Anon934! I didn't even think to look at the District 11 race. There were also 37 write-ins in District 10 but the SOS didn't break those out. So who knows who they were for.

Anonymous said...

The Sec. of State has now updated his website to show 182 write-in votes cast for Hager in Ward 7. This brings the District 12 Hager vote total to 591.