Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oops! Check out Page A9 of the Monitor this morning

This morning, I was flipping through the print edition of the Monitor and got to the editorial page. I scanned the first page of letters and then, flipped to the second page.
As I was skimming the letters, I thought I was having a deja vu, since some of the letters looked familiar to me. Well, it turns out, it's Monday's A9 page on Tuesday. Yup, the same exact page, including the half page ad from Editor Felice Belman's dad about their 2008 election bet.
A simple mistake? Sure, it happens. But, it was a bit glaring. I bet everyone is talking about this today around the water cooler ... do people still do that these days?

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Anonymous said...

In the old physical page layout days this type of mistake would have been hard to imagine as several hands and eyes put together a page. Now that the work is done within a computer, one wrong click and a careless editor, and you have a major newspaper blunder.