Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beyond infuriating ...

This is beyond infuriating: ["Judge strikes down tax cap amendment"]. Ridiculous. Outrageous. Silly and foolish. Of course the tax cap is constitutional. Any idiot knows that. I'm glad this is going to be appealed. Hopefully, in time to get the thing on the ballot in November.


Mark Coen said...

This is taken from page 11 of the "notice of Decision" dated march 19, 2009.
The State Constitution grants the city the power to create a charter to form a government. Article 39 of the New Hampshire Constitution confers the power upon a municipality "to adopt or ament their charters or forms of government in any way which is not in conflict with general law.".......
New Hampshre is not a municipal home rule state as that term might be customarily understood under the law of other jurisdictions......
'towns are but subdivisions of the State and have only the powers the State grants to them."

It seems that the way to have TAX CAPS passed is through the New Hampshire Legislature not at the local level.

Mark Coen

Tony said...

Thanks Mark for the post.
Personally, I don't care what the judge decided. She's wrong. It's really that simple. And, as we have seen, judges are wrong all the time. They interpret they law incorrectly all the time.
The tax cap is law in many communities and has been in some places for decades. Hundreds and hundreds of people in this community played by the rules to get it on the ballot to go before the voters in an up or down vote. I'm happy to read that the NHAC will challenge it up to the next level where, maybe, there is a bit less cluelessness than in this court or in your city solicitor's office.

Anonymous said...

Even the NH Secretary of State thought the tax cap ballot initiative was constitutional.

So now the City can spend thousands more of Concord taxpayers' dollars arguing before the Supreme Court.

Maybe we just have to enact responsibility the old fashion way--vote people out of office.

Anonymous said...

How much is this going to cost us? It's nice to challenge the goverment, but the legal costs are paid by us the taxpayers.
How much did the Legal Defense for the Concord School Board cost, how much?

Anonymous said...

How about instead of slamming the public officials, we help them.
All of the new people elected, have been slammed, I haven't seen the public rally against, them, and help them, offer them support, I see a continious slamming of them, why,.