Monday, March 16, 2009

In the House: Budget Hearing

By Rep. Rick Watrous

Local citizens have a chance to speak to those who directly shape the state budget. On Tuesday, March 17, at 4 p.m., three concurrent meetings will be held at the Legislative Office Building.

These meetings are conducted by the House Finance Committee (which handles expenditures) and the House Ways & Means Committee (which deals with state revenues). The committees have been traveling throughout the state holding evening meetings so citizens can let them know their thoughts on how to shape the state budget.

In LOB 202-204 Division 1 hearings will be held on General Government; Administration of Justice and Public Protection; and Resources Protection and Development.

In LOB 205-207 Division 2 will focus on Safety; Fish and Game; Transportation; and Education.

In LOB 210-211 Division 3 hearings will be on Health and Social Services.

Citizens are welcomed to provide testimony on any of these state budget issues.

Although Concord’s meeting begins at 4 it is expected to last well into the evening as committees give everyone a chance to speak. Recent budget hearings at Claremont and Salem brought out an array of citizens and interests and lasted long into the evening.

Citizens who cannot attend are encouraged to submit written testimony to the Committees—who need all the help they can get in making many difficult decisions.

Contact info for the Finance Committee is at:

Contact info for Ways & Means is at:

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