Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kevin Flynn in Concord Thursday

Former Channel 9 reporter Kevin Flynn will be in Concord signing books at Gibson's. Here is the press release:

Wicked Intentions: The Sheila Labarre Murders
Thursday, May 14, at 7 PM
When investigators were called to the secluded farm of attractive, fortyish Sheila LaBarre, they found the dismembered and incinerated remains of her young lover, a man with a child's I.Q. A series of young men had come and gone from the farm over the years, all seeming to vanish into thin air. Now LaBarre was on the run....

Eventually she would be caught and would plead insanity. But was she indeed insane -- an "avenging angel sent to kill pedophiles," as she claimed -- or a vicious, calculating serial killer? "Wicked Intentions" explores the case in depth, from investigation to trial. As the Emmy award-winning television reporter who first broke the story of the Sheila LaBarre murders, Kevin Flynn is uniquely positioned to unveil the details of the bizarre chain of events that culminated in one of America's most sensational murder stories -- a spellbinding true story of obsession and vigilantism carried to a deadly extreme. Come ask him about the book!

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