Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oops, one more thing to do today

Mother's Day Sale at Gibson's! If you need anything, buy it at a discount. From the inbox:
Everything in the store will be 25 percent off, this Friday and Saturday only, May 8 and 9 (we'll be closed on Sunday, in honor of mothers everywhere).
You won't see it in the paper, or hear about it on the radio. It isn't our February sale, and it isn't our August sale. It's a benefit to our newsletter subscribers, and to everyone else who just happens to come in the store during these two days--in other words, future newsletter subscribers.
Our regular sale conditions apply: everything in the store--books, cards, sidelines--will be 25 percent off the original price. If you have to special order a book, prepay and get the same discount--unless it's a textbook or other short-discount title. You'll earn stamps on your frequent-buyer cards as you take advantage of our sale.
So come on down to Gibson's--prove to dear old Mom that you're a smart shopper--and if you are dear old Mom, get something for yourself. You've earned it!

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