Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anonymous commenting ...

Note to readers: I allow anonymous commenting on OurConcord.com but I will not allow postings that I know are factually wrong or insinuate something that I can't prove.
Recently, a reader posted some comments about the spouse of an elected official that insinuated inappropriate professional behavior that I can't prove. They also made comments about another candidate that I can't prove but I am currently looking into the issue.
Please, in the future, if you drop a dime on someone, email me first [ourconcord-at-yahoo.com]. Let me hear the story you are claiming first. Please don't make anonymous comments and allegations because I won't post them. Please interact with me via email about the claims so I can get more information and look into them. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Why isn't that all you do, is make assumptions, and claim that everyone on the school board is evil.

Tony said...

Anon7:08: ???