Monday, September 14, 2009

Bouley, most incumbents escape challenges

The deadline for filing to run for mayor, city council, and school board ended about an hour ago and the big story is that most incumbents will remain in office, including Mayor Jim Bouley. No one filed to run against Bouley or eight of the 10 Ward councilors in November.
In the at-large race, three newcomers will face off against incumbent Dan St. Hilaire for two seats. Late filers today include Rick Cibotti, a tile and marble contractor from West Concord, and Michael DellaIacono, a web consultant and salesman at JMaze Designs. Retiree Jim Baer of the Concord Taxpayers Association is also running.
In a new development today, Steven Saywer of Exit First Realty filed to run against incumbent Keith Nyhan in Ward 7. Ward 7 and Ward 3, where incumbent Jan McClure will face off against challenge Juston Kay, are the only two competitive ward races this year.
According to sources, earlier this afternoon, former school board member Wilbur "Bill" Glahn, a local attorney and member of the School District Charter Commission, filed to run for the 1-year seat. He will challenge Tom Croteau, a former school principal in the Winnisquam Regional School District, who has also filed for the seat. Croteau is also reportedly the brother-in-law of school attorney Roger B. Phillips.
At around 3 p.m., no one had filed to run against the three incumbents for school board, according to sources.
I will update this story has more news trickles in from the field.

Now that the filing period has ended, those candidates running for office are welcome to submit information about themselves and why they are running. Please keep the submissions to under 500 words and email it to and I will get the information posted online as soon as possible.

Update: The Concord Monitor is reporting this morning that Doug Magee, an engineer who is also a Ward 5 Democrat, has taken out papers to run for one of the three-year seats.


Anonymous said...

For all the Concord Taxpayers Ass. Complaining about the School Board, they couldn't get one person to run,

what does that say.

Tony said...

Actually, the CTA didn't really do a ton of complaining about the school board when compared to the criticism of the council. Most of the criticism of the school board has been leveled by the ABC group, and rightfully so, for reasons I have mentioned here on
That said, the CTA, I think, was pretty effective in emphasizing to the council that spending needed to be controlled and they acted accordingly, to their credit.
In the council races, one CTA board member is in the at-large race along with another reported fiscal conservative. In addition, two other reported fiscal conservatives seem to have come forward to run in Ward races.

Anonymous said...

The main page of the Web site does have the Concord School Board and the spending as a major topic.
Mark Coen