Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Kiwanis Fair is coming up

Around Town with Dick Patten
I can't believe another work week is underway.

The funds for the Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration are slowly starting to come in. We need commitments quickly from businesses and organizations. I have sent out 50 letters seeking letters to help keep this celebration going. Please think about making a donation no matter how large or small. They all add up. I think it would be sad if the capital of this state didn't have a celebration on the Fourth of July.

There's a lot of talk around town about naming the new schools when they are built. I personally, would be sad to Dame lose its name. I realize many people don't know the history of Dame, named after Harriet P. Dame or the schools involved. I hope they think twice when they choose a name.

City Council meeting in May should be quiet interesting when the proposed smoking ban is discussed. There are pros and cons to this. I know as a non-smoker it irritates me to see someone dump their ashtray in the parking space or lot with their cigarette butts. It is terrible as well as the driver or passenger throwing it out the window. There is a hefty fine if the police stop a moving vehicle with this being done.

Sunshine wishes are extended to Ernest Little who is recuperating at Healthsouth, located behind Concord Hospital. Ernie and his family lived for many years on Ormond Street behind the 7-11 Store on Loudon Road. Ernie's two brothers, the late Hollis and Donald were extraordinary. Both of these fine gentlemen were born blind and both worked every day and were very active members of Pineconia Grange. They were excellent at reading braille. Donald, whose late wife Julie passed away a couple of months ago, still resides on the Heights.

It doesn't seem possible the Kiwanis Fair is only a few weeks away. The fair begins Thursday, May 13 and concludes Sunday, May 16 with Family Day. The fair is held at the Everett Arena with a big assortment of carnival rides outside of the Arena. I am still waiting for information if there will be an event inside the arena. The fair continues bring back fond memories when I take some children to enjoy the rides. I think back to the days at the Concord Airport, then the N.H. Highway Hotel, and finally the Everett Arena. I also miss the annual parade which used to kickoff the parade, but as I was told, changes happen. The Kiwanis Club of Concord sponsors the event and all proceeds goes back to the many charities supported by the Kiwanis.

I am so happy that Jean-Michael, my camera director for my show, who found full-time employment the Page Belting. Good Luck Jean-Michael, but don't forget Tuesday nights at the studio. He has been my left hand for a couple of years and I appreciate him so much. Be nice to him Mark!

I am still upset with people who don't pull over to the side of the road when an emergency vehicle is responding with lights and sirens on. They could be responding to an emergency in your neighborhood. The same is also said for a funeral procession. I believe once the hearse starts and the vehicles behind it are supposed to have their lights on and allowed to stay together and pass through any red lights without stopping. The same applies to motor vehicles who are not a part of the funeral procession; they are supposed to respect the deceased and not get into the procession.

I see vehicles not stopping for the crosswalk lights on Loudon Road. When the light turns yellow or red, people are supposed to stop, but instead they continue driving and not slowing down to see if someone is crossing. Beware there is a hefty fine for not obeying the law.

There are cars still parking in handicap spots without the handicap plates or placards. There is a hefty fine for not having the proper handicap identification.

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