Monday, April 12, 2010

Police civilian review board tonight

The Concord Monitor is reporting this morning that the city council will be rejecting a proposal about the creation of a civilian review board for the Concord Police Dept.
Personally, I wish I had known about this beforehand. The concept of a CRB has nothing to do with whether Chief Barry is doing a good job or the city manager is informed or the council is informed; this is about whether or not the citizens have the ability to review the performance of the police and have a truly neutral board to review complaints against the department or staffers within the department.
I know of at least two situations where the department did not grant equal protection or investigation to one citizen that another citizen received. Both incidents were minor; but if this is happening on a minor level, what is to prevent it - or guarantee - it doesn't happen on a major level?
The citizens should have somewhere to go when they don't think they have been treated equally or fairly. We should be able to have a civilian review board.

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