Tuesday, May 11, 2010

School Board member Fleming to hold public hearing

From the inbox:

You Have A Lot To Say
Where Have You Been?

I am looking to hear from parent of Kimball and Walker Parents. I am planning additional forums for each school.

My name is Kevin Fleming, I got elected to the school board in November 2008, I was looking to improve education, for the children. And have less parents flee the school system. To date, I have gotten 26 emails, regarding education problems and concerns. How many parents are out there, there are over 500 parents in only Kimball and Walker, but 1,700 in the total school district.

We can only fix problems, when we hear about them, directly. Not complaints in the newspapers, or through the anonymous posts on the Monitor.

I am looking for your help.

Can you help all of the children.

I am hosting an open meeting for parents of both Kimball and Walker.

On May 21, 2010 at 7 pm. West Street Ward House, 41 West Street.

If you can not attend, but would like to say something to me, email me at KevinSFleming@gmail.com or call me at 715-1801

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Ben Venator said...

Great to see this meeting being set up and this forum being used to get out the word.