Thursday, October 14, 2010

Monitor decides to send out a survey

Some of you may have read the newspaper story and letters in the Concord Monitor concerning the extensive Concord Taxpayer Association survey I sent out to the 27 people running for charter commission seats.
The CTA survey went out to candidates two weeks ago, asking them about their positions on potential school board charter changes. The deadline is Monday and then, after that, the candidate answers will be on the CTA site.
However, two weeks later, the Monitor has decided to send out its own survey, three weeks before the election, to gather information from the candidates.
According to sources, the survey, sent out by City Editor Hans Schulz, featured the following questions: Have you ever been elected to public office? Why do you want to be on the Charter Commission? There has been disagreement about whether the law that created the Commissions limits it to proposing a way to amend the Charter or allows it to recommend broader changes: What do you think?
So, instead of talking about some of the things the Charter Commission could do, the Monitor is using its questionnaire to filter the candidates into candidates who think they can amend the Charter and candidates who don't. I wonder if they will use this information to endorse too.


Trish said...

"I wonder if they will use this information to endorse too." I would be very surprised if they didn't do this.

Anonymous said...

The elected members can suggest whatever amendments they desire.
According to a 10/12 Monitor story:

Members of the Concord School District charter commission will have to decide for themselves what kind of changes they can suggest to voters, a Department of Justice official said yesterday.

"The commission itself, when it forms, is going to have to review the statute and interpret it," said Associate Attorney General Richard Head.

Tony said...

Trish: I would be surprised if they didn't do this too.
Anon: True. But, isn't it interesting that the Monitor wouldn't ask more extensive questions?