Sunday, October 17, 2010

Signs for Charter Commission candidates Cogswell, Lane, and Ellinworth emerge

Some candidates for the Charter Commission are clearly taking the race seriously and Auburn Street residents are staking out their candidates.
At-Large candidate and current School Board member Clint Cogswell has a sign on his lawn and is also supporting Ward 1,2,3,4 candidates Peter Ellinwood, owner of and Connie Boyles Lane, an attorney with Orr & Reno. Some of his neighbors are doing the same.
Since Cogswell has already told the Concord Monitor that he feels the scope of the Commission is limited, is it safe to say that Lane and Ellinwood agree? Maybe, maybe not. We'll have to wait and see.
Also running for the two Ward 1,2,3,4 seats are Robert Gile, Roy Schwieker, Kathy Connors, Jim Baer, and Matt Newland.
I know both Baer and Connors will be quality candidates on the Commission. Schweiker has also indicated from his letter in the Monitor that he understands the importance of the seat and how citizens should have control of the school board charter, without delay. Voters in those Wards should give those three serious consideration.


Anonymous said...

Just spotted a Gerald Eaton commission candidate sign at the I-93 exit into East Concord.

Whatever happened to the no-signs-on-public-property law?

Anonymous said...

Ardinger sign spotted. Apparently the elite school board candidates can afford to buy signs.

Anonymous said...

Bill Ardinger has signs out in Wards 5, 6 and 7 now.