Saturday, January 22, 2011

So what's this new "television network in Concord" all about?

Earlier this month, someone posted two jobs openings on the New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters jobs board for a president/CEO and a sales manager for "a new television network in Concord, NH ..."
Here are the posts:
I keep a pretty close eye on media stuff going on around the state especially in Concord, although I'm not up on things as much as I used to. But I haven't heard word one about a new television network in Concord. No one else has either. There's nothing on the message boards. There are no new television licenses available, that I know of. This makes me wonder a bit.
Anyone know anything about this?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

No, no ... really ... I'm not running for anything ... really

A quick note to everyone that, no, really, truly, I will not be a candidate for anything at all this municipal cycle or probably any other political cycle for a very long time if ever (I'll never say never but, it's pretty close to never at this point).
Twice in the last few weeks, someone has asked me if I was planning on running for mayor or school board this year (2011 is a municipal election). I told both of these people that, no, I was not planning on being a candidate and would not be running.
There have been some rumors out there that Mayor Jim Bouley may not seek another term this year. I haven't spoken to him about it recently but probably should. I, frankly, think he has done a pretty good job during his time there although, admittedly, we don't agree on everything. The real power, unfortunately, is in the city manager's position, not the mayor's position (or the councilors for that matter). I'd love to be the city manager, hah (I've been wondering lately if I should go back to school and get into public administration. I mean, spending 15 years analyzing municipal budgets ought to be worth more than I'm getting now, right?)
I also can't afford to take the pay cut and wouldn't be able to work in journalism if I was the mayor ... the mayor makes nothing ... and I really love journalism so much more than politics.
As far as the school board goes, it's a lost cause and has been for a while (as Laura Bonk, a class act, found out the hard way). There are problems in our school system, none of which have anything to do with our beautiful, historic buildings being torn down. It isn't easy running suburban metropolitan school system. But it is clear that we really need some new leadership and new blood managing our education system because the people that are doing it now are doing a lousy job.
That said, if I did run for school board and won, I'd be one of nine. I'd be able to get little to nothing done although I wouldn't sit there like a lump on a log like some of them do.
I do, however, believe in public service and I hope, someday, to be in a position where I can offer my knowledge, ideas, and energy, in a public service position. But, for now, everyone will just have to live with me being the guy who enlightens everyone with a bit of insight, facts, and thoughts you won't read anywhere else.