Friday, March 21, 2008

Aspell gets smacked by letterwriter

From yesterday's Monitor:

Is it just me, or is there anyone else in Concord who hasn't seen an increase in their income, but has seen an increase in their grocery bills, heating oil, gas for their cars, medical insurance, medical bills, cost of medication, cable fees, etc.?

Now we have our city council telling us that the city has no money and we should expect at least a 5.4 percent increase in our property taxes. The Concord police don't have enough local crime to use up all the funding they have; they apparently have to send for out-of-state hookers to make sure they waste every last dime.

God forbid we should forget about such important expenditures as Main Street Concord or Concord 2020. I have news for Nan Hagen: Once the ordinary citizens are taxed out of their homes, there won't be anybody left to patronize your downtown - not that it will matter because the streets to get to it will be disintegrated and un-drivable, much like Fisherville Road is now.

I suggest we save money by cutting unnecessary positions, such as the city manager. We have a mayor. Shouldn't he be able to do the job at least as miserably as Tom Aspell has?

Let's put it to a vote once again: mayoral form of government or manager? If we are going to let ourselves be managed to the point of living in a Waste Management dumpster, at least the people should have a say in who is going to do it.



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