Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Monitor adds podcasts

In a step towards modernization and multimedia, the Concord Monitor announced yesterday that it would be adding podcasts to its Web site in an effort to get more information out to readers. Podcasts are digital audio recordings which can either be played on a computer or downloaded into a digital audio player like an iPod or Sansa. Executive Editor Felice Belman announced the addition in a column, saying that it would be an opportunity for writers and editors to share a bit of what happened behind the story.
This is not the first foray into audio for the Monitor. The newspaper has recorded and posted its editorial roundtables with presidential candidates in the past.
It is nice to see that the Monitor is expanding this feature so that readers who are a part of the digital age of media can get a bit more than just want is currently on the Web site and in the print edition. It does not make up for time-consuming investigative reporting which is badly needed in our state and community. But it is a nice new feature for readers of the Web site.

BTW, did anyone else see the city budget story yesterday in the Monitor? I only had time to skim it. Multi-million dollar deficits and taxes going up by about 5.4 percent. So much for zero sum budgeting.

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