Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Maybe it's because it is Tuesday ...

... the thinnest newspaper day of the week in most cases, but the Monitor is again 20 pages this morning. I have to admit though that I really like the Local news stuck in the middle of the A section, with sports and classifieds in the B section. It makes for an easier read. I wonder if anyone else is noticing that there is a better flow to the read.
In other quick news, the Insider is also hiring a reporter to replace its current reporter, who is being bumped up to editor after Danielle Kronk got promoted to replace Mark Travis a bit ago [Congrats Danielle!]. This is a rare opportunity for a new reporter to start out working for a niche publication at a daily while still living in New Hampshire. Granted, it's not a big city union daily, but it is daily nonetheless.
Speaking of media jobs, there are not a lot out there in our local area. The Monitor has an Editor/Page Designer position open. There are radio sales jobs around. The Hippo has yet another ad for a reporter. I love the headline they put on JournalismJobs.com: "Newspapers are not dead." Hilarious. But I can't figure out if it is the same unfilled position or if the turnover there is just very high. NHPR has some new listings: A general assignment/health reporter and afternoon anchor, both of which were listed just a year or two ago. Is there big turnover there too? Well, not exactly. Xenia Piaseckyj, the woman hired to do afternoons in 2006, just had a baby [Congrats Xenia!] and now only works part-time. However, if you already live in the state or have years of experience working in commercial radio here, you probably won't be considered for the NHPR jobs, so don't bother applying.
And lastly, another question: Will WKXL 1450 be replacing Doris Ballard as host of Coffee Chat any time soon? Ballard is still hosting the program despite the fact that she is also a candidate for County Commissioner and has a Democratic primary opponent, City Councilor Elizabeth Blanchard. The WKXL listening area is about 50 percent of the county, giving Ballard a clear political advantage whether she talks about politics on the program or not.
If I were Blanchard, I'd be calling or writing the management and/or owner of the station to complain about this. And if that didn't fix things, I'd call the FCC and make a stink.

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