Friday, July 18, 2008

Silk Farm Road to close Aug. 20

If you use the cut-through St. Paul's School to get from I-89 to the west side of Concord, enjoy it while you can.
Silk Farm Road will close to vehicular traffic on Aug. 20 now that Langley Parkway has been completed over by Concord Hospital. Bright red signs adorn both entrances of St. Paul's School warning commuters and residents that the road will be closed to traffic from that date forward.
The school, hospital, and the City of Concord, paid for the new Langley Parkway, mainly to divert traffic from the school grounds and the often-jammed South Fruit Street, as well as save those oh so few "important" commuters from Bow and Hopkinton going to the hospital a couple of minutes on their commutes [tongue firmly planted in cheek with that comment].
In the process, they also took the land of the Tuttle family by eminent domain in order to get the road built. The city later moved the Tuttle family home to another location but not after the patriarch of the family had been driven to his grave by all the stress.
Interestingly, I have been on the new road twice during rush hour traffic and there were few cars on it. It actually is a nice ride, with woods, wetlands, and farmland now sprouting cornstalks on both sides. Let's hope all the street expansion for the hospital ends here.

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