Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My last gallon of gas for less than $4?

It looks like it. On Monday, I filled the tank with $3.95 regular from Hess. Across the street at the Gulf, it was $4.07. On Loudon Road, it was $4.13. Down in Massachusetts, it is in the $4.15-plus range. The Irving on N. State Street that I normally go to was at $3.99 on Monday but had dropped down to $3.95 Tuesday night and was that price this morning. So, maybe I will hit that one up on my way home.
As an aside, the new Chevy commercial saying the Cobalt has better mileage than the Civic is a total lie. It supposedly gets 36 mpg and my Civic gets between 38 and 39 most of the time. The highest was 42 when I first bought it. And that's not driving miserly at 55 mph. That's regularly driving 65 mph-plus. So there you go. If I wer Honda, I would complain about that one because it just isn't true.

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