Monday, September 22, 2008

Audi Friends show 'your taxpayers at work'

Editor's Note: This was submitted by the Friends of the Audi:

While cable news worries about “your tax dollars at work”, the news from Concord City Auditorium is a refreshing story about “your taxpayers at work.” Local taxpayers – 124 strong – set a new record at the 18th Annual Pitch In, donating 771 man-hours of volunteer labor valued at $11,565. to the city-owned building.
Crew Chiefs Kenneth and Joye Olson of Penacook organized Friends of the Audi into teams which painted and refurbished the four floors of dressing rooms in addition to cleaning, restoring, upholstering, and polishing the house. Outside work included billboard restoration, exterior washing and painting, and landscape work.
The three-day August Pitch In got finishing touches on the United Way Day of Caring, and the Auditorium was gleaming for the GALA Season Opening on Sept. 14 when a Concord Coach, the city’s historic stage, drove up Prince Street to help a crowd of 650 showgoers celebrate the 104th season of the city’s traditional stage.
In addition to general maintenance and promotional assistance, the 18th Annual Pitch In received special help from local craftsmen including Tom Harrison, Karl Olson, and Stuart Russell, and companies including All-Brite Cleaning and Restoration, Bailey’s Custom Carpets, JAM Plumbing, Sierra Club, and Winton Frame and Gallery. Meals and refreshments served at all the work sessions were provided by Abby Lange, Alan’s of Boscawen, Hannaford Supermarket, David Murdo, Panera Bread, Shaw’s – Ft. Eddy. Guidance and supplies were provided by Jeffrey Hoadley, Concord’s Superintendent of Public Properties, and his staff.
The Bottom Line: Since the first PITCH IN in 1991, the annual summons to “Show Up and Help Out” has seen nearly 2,000 volunteers provide over $100,000 in maintenance and preservation services to the municipal building. In 2007 and 2008 alone, 1,911 hours (valued by the city at $28,665) were given by our “taxpayers at work.”
By providing in-kind services and equipment upgrades, The Friends of the Audi help to preserve the building and reduce its operating costs, which holds down the cost of performances, which holds down the cost of show tickets, keeping the theatre affordable and accessible to everyone in the community. Nothing beats a Win-Win.

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