Tuesday, September 23, 2008

'It takes a village" ... and the stage they rode in on.

Editor's Note: This was submitted by the Friends of the Audi:

Concord’s new Creative Economy initiative came into sharp focus on Sept. 14, as the City Auditorium’s 104th season opened with a GALA celebration that broke records for participation and excitement. It took a village to do it.
Run the numbers: Start with three people heading the 18th annual party: Director Allwynne Fine and Producer David Murdo organized a company of 114 cast and crew in the 2008 GALA show, with 14 acts previewing the season’s coming attractions (over 100 events scheduled so far!). Arts Party Organizer Candy Brehm arranged A&E displays by 19 local groups, including all four local theatres – Audi, Capitol, Red River, and Annicchiarico. The pre-show Arts Party featured Caribbean music by Paul Silverman’s Soc and Son and the Concord Coachmen Barbershop Chorus plus the treat of the night: 550 servings of seasonal ice cream (black raspberry, pumpkin, apple, and indian pudding!) generously scooped by Tom and Tootie Arnold of Arnie’s Place on Loudon Road.
The $5 ticket drew hundreds of families to the annual GALA, which is a friend-raiser for the municipal theatre. Topping off the event’s excitement was the GALA Raffle, with $3,000 awarded in 10 prizes, thanks to the Audi’s presenters and 10 restaurants: Barley House, CC Tomatoes, Cheers, Concord Grille, Common Man, Domino’s Pizza, Elizabeth’s Kitchen, Hermanos, Margaritas, and Panera Bread.
On a downtown street for the first time in years, “the stage they rode in on” – a gleaming Concord Coach -- was the centerpiece of the GALA. The Concord Coach Society brought their historic stagecoach to the Audi’s front door to help celebrate the new season of Concord’s traditional stage.
That’s some creative “Village”, filled with supporters of community-based arts and entertainment, affordable and accessible to everyone!

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