Friday, September 5, 2008

Monitor now batting .333

The Monitor endorsed Dan St. Hilaire for Executive Council this morning which is not a surprise considering. They did note that there were three good candidates, which is nice. But clearly Bernie Sparks is the best of the three Republican candidates running.
I also thought this line was amusing:
"St. Hilaire been highly effective in his years on the Concord City Council ..."
Well, he's kept the seat warm. I guess, if you consider suffocating ethics investigations, holding meetings that aren't meetings, claiming you have had conversations with the attorney general who has stipulated certain things that are never verified and are untraceable, and being a rubber-stamper, sure, Dan has been "effective."
I grew up with Dan and his brother Rick. They were good people. But I have never been so disappointed by his ineffectiveness as an at-large city councilor, especially when there was a sense of possibility before he was elected.
Some more thoughts: He seems to have been a pretty good Republican activist and can run a good campaign. He was very effective assisting John McCain. I know others who believe he has been a good county attorney. I won't argue that. But I will say that when Kathy Rogers, the woman trying to take his place, was acting the way she was acting, he had an obligation to step up to the plate and assist in the truth getting out, as a good prosecutor should. He didn't do that. As well, he has been mum about her actions targeting a member of our community with a fraudulent police investigation.
I wonder if it has anything to do with all the dual St. Hilaire and Rogers signs parked on lawns across our fair city ...

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Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by the fact that the Dems seem to be ready to turn-over a pivotal Executive Council seat to a Republican. There is a sign for Dan St. Hillaire in the yard of Mayor Bouley / Rep. Tara Reardon, a symbol to me of the Democratic leadership in the state approving St. Hillaire. There is no sign in the yard for fellow Democratic Rep. John DeJoie, who did not support Novelli as did Reardon, Bouchard and William (who do have signs in the yard).

It is a done deal that St. Hillaire will defeat Shea. This is not a bad thing, as I like Dan.