Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bonding for architecture fees?

Yup, that's what the school board is proposing to do, borrow money to pay for the architects that will plan the elementary school consolidation scheme.
While interest rates are pretty low these days, this seems like a waste of money, especially when the board has millions set aside in reserve accounts [like the money that they have been setting aside from the Concord High School bond, which was paid off years ago ...].
The hearing will be held this Wednesday, Aug 19, at 5:30 p.m. in the school board offices.


Anonymous said...

If you do not like the education system in Concord, why don't you just leave. I am under the impression that you have two small children, who are not even in the School District yet. So, how about Bow?
Have you ever walked into Walker or Kimball or Eastman? I have they are all a mess and a disgrace to the great town of Concord.

Tony said...

Thanks for the comment Anon7:06.
We have a child who starts school this year although its no one's business whether we have children in the system or not. I have been in both Walker and Kimball recently and while they need work, they are not the horror show you make out to be. I have seen worse schools in other parts of the country. In addition, people should really be careful what the wish for. If they knocked down Kimball and build a massive new modern school on that tiny footprint, I think folks are going to be pretty surprised - and not in the good way - of how it all comes out in the end. I've seen this happen before.
Having been born and raised in Concord, graduated from Concord public schools in 1983, and having decided to raise my family here, why should I have to move from my hometown? This is our city - Our Concord - as much as it is yours. And most of us can't afford to live in Bow or anywhere else. We won't be able to afford to live here either if they keep this nonsense up. So, why should we have to move based on the bad decisions of a handful of people? That's not how democracy works my friend.

Anonymous said...

Right on, Tony.

Engaged citizens are supposed to try to make their town better--not "just leave."

Too much of what happens in Concord is controlled by elitists who hate to be even questioned about what they are doing.

Tony said...

Anon8:55: I have always been fascinated by this mentality that suggests that people who live in a community who are not happy should just leave. It's this kind of "my way or the highway" stuff that depresses social interaction and community involvement that is so necessary these days.
In addition, the fact that a handful of people involved in the school system seem to have no regard for the poor, lower middle class, renters, or elderly in our community who are just hanging on by a thread in the middle of a depression and can't afford this massive school building project is disheartening. Screw them, they say, they should move! Well, no, that's not the answer and that's not community either.