Saturday, January 23, 2010

Handing out dictionaries

Around Town by Dick Patten
Around Town in Concord has been busy this week.
I have had the pleasure of presenting dictionaries to third grade students in the Concord Public Schools finishing with Beaver Meadow School, Dunbarton Elementary, and St. John's Regional School. St. John's Regional is new this year along with Concord Christian School. I am hoping that I can complete this project this week. The Grange will meet Monday at 7 p.m. at Havenwood Retirement Center, 33 Christian Avenue in the auditorium. The Grange will hold its planning meeting following the order of business.
The Concord Kiwanis Club will meet Monday at noon at the Red Blazer Restaurant, Manchester Street.
Congratulations to Andrew Georgevits, who came in second place following ski jumping competition at Storrs Hill in Lebanon on Saturday!
Speaking about the Heights, I have been in contact with Anita Hickey and Phil Bilodeau from General Services about the repairs needed at the Dog Park. I will be meeting with him at the park this coming week to talk about the future. I mentioned the Dog Park at the City Councilor Work Session at Beaver Meadow Club House meeting. The Council held a retreat to discuss projects and goals for the coming year. They will be meeting Monday, June 25 to continue their discussions for the upcoming year.
I couldn't help but notice the Concord Theatre building on South Main Street. It is a shame this building has fallen into decay and nothing is being done to renovate it. There must be a reason that the building should be saved.
Many thanks to Chris Jaques and crew for removing the holiday banners on Loudon Road. I know they have so much to do with snow removal but I was assured by Chris that they would be taken down. I am hoping to purchase some more banners for the summer season, but donations are needed to help purchase them. The company where I purchase them is having a sale so if someone is interested helping, please let me know. I can be reached at 496-2917. I have been asked about extending the holiday banners next year. Again, it comes down to donations.
I think that's it for now, don't forget to order your Girl Scout Cookies. I am still looking for a troop to come on my tv show. Thanks again, and I really
appreciate the nice remarks that people have saying. I do appreciate it more than you could ever possibly know. Recently several people whom I don't know either stopped by my table in Veano's or Hannaford to express their appreciation. I couldn't do it without you folks. I love this community. I know on television at city council, I may not speak up much, but believe me prior to the meeting, I am doing my homework, calling people and talking to them about what's going on before the meeting. I also try to have them come on my show to talk about it.I also want to thank Jean Michael Laurent, Josh Harwood, David Murdo, and Andrew Georgevits for all their help. Many times I couldn't do a lot of things without them. Unsung heroes include Chris Reinhart at the studio, Matt Walsh, Tim Robinson, Mike Langille, and Fr. Chris. There is another friend, but I am honoring his request and not publicly mention his name. Thanks to all!

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