Saturday, April 2, 2011


This was the scene at the former Kimball Elementary School grounds on the morning of April 2, 2011, as construction workers demolished a perfectly good historic building at the behest of a clueless school board and its empire building administration. The only response I can muster is to say that this is disgraceful.

Here is a shot from the facade of the eastern side of the parcel. Ah, gee, isn't that swell, the construction workers are saving some of the granite to make everyone feel good ... Pathetic.

Here is another angle from just north of the entrance. Look at all that construction debris. It will take the new building years and years and years and years to reverse the carbon damage from the destruction of this structurally sound historic building.

Here is the view from Rumford Street, where the beams on the west side of the new building have started.

This is the view approaching the eastern side of the parcel on South Spring Street. Working on a Saturday, eh? Hmm, lots of overtime there, even in a conservative state like New Hampshire. How much you want to bet that the project comes in way over budget?

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