Thursday, April 23, 2009

Film tonight ...

The Red River Theatres is continuing its "Politics in NH" series with a documentary about former Union Leader publisher William Loeb: ["Powerful as Truth: William Loeb and 35 years of New Hampshire"].
As a "newspaper man" with interest in politics, I have been meaning to make a note to go and check this out. But, unfortunately, I won't be able to go due to other commitments. So, hopefully, it will come out on DVD or something so I can get it later or borrow it from the library.
A few months back, they had a showing of the Lee Atwater docu which I had already seen on PBS a couple of months before.
I'm glad Red River is doing this. There are all kinds of unattainable films out there that don't get much publicity or audience. At the same time, it is still disappointing that the former executive director refused to book - or assist in booking - one of the 911 documentaries that had a massive turnout in a small theater in Keene [more than 400 people attended that showing]. That ED is gone, but what a missed opportunity to reach so many people in Concord with alternative views of the present and past.

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