Monday, April 13, 2009

Tea Party rally in Concord

There will be a tea party rally in Concord on Wednesday, April 15, from noon on at the State House.
I have been asked to speak at the rally, to talk about local issues going on in Concord including the bag tax and other shenanigans. It is clear from looking at the speakers below, that I'm the token liberal who has been invited to speak. But I'm proud to. I hope to see everyone there!

Concord Tea Party Rally Speakers

* Corey Lewandowski, Chairman of Americans for Prosperity NH Chapter.
* Tom Thomson, son of former Governor Meldrim Thomson.
* Rep. Neal Kurk, Member of the Finance Committee of the NH House.
* Rep. Jim Forsythe, conservative former Republican representative.
* Andy Sanborn, Small business Owner, The Draft in Concord.
* Kurt Kendall, Small Business Owner, Twins Smoke Shop in Londonderry.
* Jennifer Horn, conservative radio talk show host and Republican Nominee for Congress.
* Ed Naile, Chairman, Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers.
* Tony Schinella, award-winning newspaper editor and radio broadcaster, co-chairman of Concord Taxpayers Assoc.
* Christopher Wood, local community organizer who lead the Concord spending petition drive.
* Mike Biundo, NH Advantage Coalition

Coalition of NH Taxpayers
Cornerstone Policy Research
The Reagan Network
NH Advantage Coalition
NH Republican Liberty Alliance
Granite State Taxpayers
Sagamore Consulting Group


Ben Venator said...

You keep doing this on your own and you will no longer be perceived as a liberal, token or otherwise on these matters. If I were you I would try to involve Eileen Keim or folks involved with MoveOn.

Tony said...

I have been thinking about that too Ben. But, at the same time, if those who don't stand up and say something do something, we'll, it's their own fault. I'm not going to sit around and complain about Obama or the Democrats in control or anything. I'm going to stand up and fight for what is right. I did it when Clinton was in power. I did it when Bush was in power. I'm going to do it now.

Anonymous said...

Responsible fiscal spending and the original Tea Party protest--taxation without representation--are not exclusively liberal or conservative themes.

Glad Tony is joining in to speak of Concord concerns.

Anonymous said...

Why would we want to include a terrible organization like

We are grassroots, and THEY ARE NOT.

They are fully funded and thus owned by George Soros, internationally convicted criminal and Nazi sympathizer.

How appropriate! is the enemy.. we would withdraw our support if they were involved in this attempt to infiltrate our cause.

Obama just handed our sovereignty back to the foreign bankers... and people are willing to take a $400 tax refund for that?