Monday, April 27, 2009

More fuel to the ConcordTV fire ...

An astute reader pointed out to me last night that if you look at the latest ConcordTV annual report, linked here in PDF, you'll see some shocking things: ["Annual Report"].
Most notably: $93,696 in fundraising and outreach expenses in 2008 to raise $18,808! In 2007, it was $54,847 to raise $13,303! So, they needed nearly $40,000 more to bring in $5K more?!? In two years, ConcordTV has spent nearly $150,000 to raise a paltry $32,000. They could have not spent that $150,000 and had, well, $150,000 instead of $32,000!!
I don't know how I missed this. Maybe because I looked at it in March and then forgot about it when I put together Sunday's post.
Clearly someone, anyone, has to stop this gravy train. A full audit of ConcordTV is needed now before they get one more thin dime!

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