Saturday, November 17, 2007

Around Concord

A new quarterly magazine arrived in the mailbox today. Around Concord is a 60-plus page glossy magazine published by former radio guy Brit Johnson and edited by Deborah Thompson. The mag has a similar feel to New Hampshire Magazine. "Holiday Elegance" is the theme of the first edition. It features some holiday gift ideas, a piece on the Butters gourmet food store downtown, renovating downtown buildings, and some tips on Nordic skiing. There are some calendar events listed in the back and a slew of fancy ads. Subscriptions are $20 per year. Nice job guys, congratulations.


Sarah said...

Hellllloooo! I wanted to link to the magazine online because of the write up about my artist, Jane Ryan. But this isn't enough of a presence.... will you be doing more online?

Tony said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for reading. Send me the information and I'll post it. Also, in the future, feel free to send me press releases and I'll get them up for you. I've always admired your gallery.