Thursday, November 8, 2007

Editor's Note

A quick editor's note: I welcome interaction here but I won't allow anonymous posts or comments that might be derogatory towards people [especially non-public figures] without being able to prove the allegations. In the last 24 hours, I did not allow posts which made accusations that could not be substantiated. Comments about public figures are fine. If you don't like someone or have dirt on someone, pass it along via email and the allegations will be investigated.
But if you are going to make comments about non-public figures anonymously, I'm not going to allow them to be posted on the site.
As an aside, I've been told by a source that the Concord Monitor also had the rumor that I won't speak about and, interestingly enough, it didn't make it into the newspaper today. Maybe it will make it in tomorrow. Who knows. But don't just assume that because we're a small operation or because we use blogging software to edit our Web site that we aren't a serious news operation and don't have some standards. We are and we do.
And just because the Monitor doesn't publish something does not mean we would not be interested in hearing about it. So, do communicate with us. Just email the information, sign your name, and leave a phone number. Someone will get back to you.
Recently, I had a person question the analysis piece on the mayoral race. They gave me a good grilling. Surprisingly, the person didn't believe what was written.
The person said, How do you know Kathy Rogers allowed those people to attack the person at the Rules Committee meeting ... I didn't read about it in the newspaper?
I said, Well, I attended the meeting and saw it with my own eyes.
Well, what about the police investigation stuff?
I said, I saw her emails and read her explanation in the minutes of the Rules Committee meeting. I added that I also attended the public forum and was one of the two people to raise the issue with the mayor and the council.
Wasn't a reporter at the forum when the issue of the police investigation was brought up, the person asked?
I said, Yes, there was a reporter at the forum but shockingly they decided not to write about the issue and instead, wrote about the two people who brought up the senior center issue [As well, I know for a fact that the information was passed on to two different reporters at the Monitor, so they had the information they just chose, for whatever reason, not to report the information].
After haggling with the person, I just laid it out: Look, you don't have to believe what I wrote. But, I'm telling you, it happened. I can't help what anyone else decides is news. But this was news, it happened, and I wrote about it later, on my own. It is the truth.
Folks, believe me when I say that you can trust what is written here. As I said in the Why Publish? column: You may not like what we write about but you can't say you didn't know about it. You're going to know about it now because we're going to write about it. If a mistake is made, it will be noted and corrected. But just because you don't read it in any other newspaper, doesn't mean it didn't happen.
Thankfully, Rogers lost the mayoral race. So, the city of Concord is safe, for now, from her prosecutorial missteps and nasty personal attacks against good people in the community she doesn't happen to like.

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