Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I'm on deadline at work so I won't be posting an election update story until later on today. However, I have some juicy tidbits so check back again soon.


Anonymous said...

could one tidbit be that the Teamsters were paid $100 each to stand at the Concord polls with Bouley signs? Won't it be interesting to see if he lists that under his campaign expenses. But then you won't probably post this because it is about your favorite candidate.

Tony said...

Anon11:15: First, thanks for reading. Second, why would I not post a good nugget like that? You will find that I call them like I see them here and I encourage everyone else to do that too.
While I knew there were Teamsters at the polls, I did not know that they were paid. But, it is an interesting tidbit and definitely something to check out on Bouley's post election paperwork, when it gets filed.
Whether that is any different than municipal unions standing out in the rain knowing they might get a better contract with Rogers as mayor, I don't know. Hiring guys to stand at the polls in tight elections is not abnormal ... well, at least not in elections I have watched over many, many years.
There are a couple of other things out there which I think are interesting and I will post those later.