Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A rainy Election Day...

There is nothing worse than a rainy Election Day. When Election Day is rainy or cold, I get a tad depressed because I know that many people will not bother to get out and vote due to the weather. Of course, many people don't get out and vote at all even when the weather is good. Consider the recent special election for the Ward 5 council seat in which fewer than 300 people voted or 9 percent of the ward even though it was a beautiful summer day.
Election Day is not just about voting. It's about community. It's about hanging out at the polls and chatting with your neighbors and others. Or, at least it should be about that. It shouldn't be about rushing around, just getting in to vote and then darting off to work.
That is why I have always felt that Election Day should not only be a holiday but it should be on a weekend day. The government won't hold elections on weekends because they don't want to offend religious people. Saturday is a holy day for some. Sunday is a holy day for many others. The Sabbath, as both days are referred to by some, are days which are not supposed to contain any work. And yet they do, for millions and millions and millions of us. And, who says voting is work? Like I said before, it should be communal. It is a civic duty, not a task or a job.
Oh well, enough ranting. Out to the polls. Don't let the rain keep you away.

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