Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Jim Bouley handily beat Katherine Rogers tonight by more than 1,700 votes in unofficial returns. Bouley won easily city-wide with Rogers winning only one ward, her home ward of Ward 9, by a mere 9 votes.
In the at-large race, Rep. Steve Shurtleff and incumbent Mark Coen will serve four year terms, both easily beat out Merwyn Bagan, Al "Tinker" Foy and the lesser known challengers.
In the school board race it was a squeaker: Jennifer Patterson and Megan DeVorsey both easily won with Laura Bonk beating out Rick Watrous by 128 votes.
Dick Lemieux easily fended off a write-in challenge by Trisha Dionne in Ward 4 and Dick Patten easily beat Ray LaCasse in Ward 8.
Turnout was a little more than 20 percent.
Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who sticks their neck out to run for public office. You are all winners for trying. We'll have more analysis later tomorrow.

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